"The way a congregation chooses to use its interim time will shape congregational growth, identity, and health for years to come. We also know that what is done in the interim time really determines whether the new minister and congregation will form a solid ministry team." Neil Chafin


  • IIM

    • How does a church find an Intentional Interim Minister?

      Through your normal denominational channels and leadership. The trainers have awareness of graduates of the course.
    • How does a church leadership discover what's involved in an Intentional Interim Ministry?

      Contact a trainer (through this site if you wish) to arrange for a person to come to you to give a short presentation. Check with your denominational leadership who may also have a suitable presenter.
    • Do the courses involve fieldwork requirements?

      IIM 1 has a series of fieldwork exercises that must be completed prior to attending IIM Session 2 training. Interim Ministry for Today's Church has no fieldwork to complete.
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